New Zealand’s new government plans to plant 100 million trees annually | GBRI

37-year old Jacinda Ardern is all set to become New Zealand’s youngest prime minister in 150 years and hopes that her government will take the necessary steps to make the country greener and  more sustainable by reducing its greenhouse emissions. The incoming government has already outlined plans to plant 100 million trees each year, ensure the electricity grid runs entirely from renewable energy, and spend more money on cycle ways and rail transport.

“I don’t need to be influenced on climate change,” she said. “It will sit at the heart of what this government does.” Ardern’s plan is for New Zealand to reduce its net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by the year 2050.

In addition to the environmental initiatives, Ardern also plans to raise the minimum wage, stop foreigners from buying existing homes, and possibly change how New Zealand’s Reserve Bank operates.

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