New study reveals winds have carried microplastics to the most remote area of the French Pyrenees | GBRI

French Pyrenees

A shocking new study has found microplastics in a remote area of the French Pyrenees mountains – an area covered with feet upon feet of snow and having only a weather station. In a span of five months from November 2017 to March 2018, researchers gathered water from the weather station’s collectors and found that 365 particles of microplastics land on every square meter on a daily basis.

And the source is most likely the winds blowing from big cities like Barcelona, 100 miles to the south.

With the discovery, the researchers have revealed a new horror of plastic pollution. Scientists already knew that microplastics can hang in the air of big cities, but no one has yet shown just how far these things can travel.

This work was a short-term pilot study that demands further investigation from other researchers, but the implications are shocking—for supposedly pristine environments the world over, for ecosystems, and for human health.

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