New study : Even our groundwater contains microplastics | GBRI

Scientist exploring microplastic contamination in groundwater

It is a well known fact that microplastics have found their way into our water bodies and food chain. But a recent study has confirmed that these tiny bits of plastic have also started contaminating our groundwater.

The study undertaken at the University of Illinois found that fractured limestone aquifers, which supply 25% of the world’s population with drinking water, have already been contaminated with microplastic fibers.

The researchers collected 17 groundwater samples from wells and springs – 11 from a highly fractured limestone aquifer near the St. Louis metropolitan area and six from an aquifer containing much smaller fractures in rural northwestern Illinois.

All but one of the 17 samples contained microplastic particles, with a maximum concentration of 15.2 particles per liter from a spring in the St. Louis area, the study reports.

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