More than half of popular fruit juices in the US contain traces of lead and arsenic | GBRI

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Normally, we consider fruit juice as a ‘healthier’ drink as compared to other fizzy drinks, but what if the same contains a generous dose of arsenic, cadmium, and lead? Yes, you read that right! A recent study tested 45 fruit juices from popular brands sold across the US and found the above mentioned heavy metals in almost half of them.

The flavors tested were apple, grape, pear, and fruit blends – and they weren’t some sketchy, fly-by-night brands. They came from 24 national, store, and private-label brands – including some of the most popular and recognizable juice brands out there.

The study found:

• Every product had measurable levels of at least one of cadmium, inorganic arsenic, lead, or mercury.

• Twenty-one of the 45 juices had concerning levels of cadmium, inorganic arsenic, and/or lead.

• Seven of those 21 juices could prove harmful to children who drink 4 ounces or more a day; nine of them pose risks to kids at 8 ounces or more a day.

• Grape juice and juice blends had the highest average heavy metal levels.

• Juice brands marketed for children did not fare better or worse than other juices.

• Organic juices did not have lower levels of heavy metals than conventional ones.

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