Microplastics are not just polluting our oceans, but our skies too | GBRI


A recent research has confirmed that microplastics that contaminate our water bodies are spread to new environments via insects who ingest them. In fact, a research has found nearly half of the mayfly and caddisfly larvae in rivers in Wales contained microplastics. This also proves to be fatal for birds and animals who feed on such insects.

“It is a shocking reality that plastic is contaminating almost every corner of the environment and its ecosystems,” said Prof Amanda Callaghan, at the University of Reading, UK, who led the new research on mosquitoes. “Much recent attention has been given to the plastics polluting our oceans, but this research reveals it is also in our skies.”

As a part of the research, scientists fed microplastics to mosquito larvae, which live in water, and found that the particles remained inside the animals as they transformed into flying adults. They also found that the larvae readily consumed fluorescent microplastic particles that were 0.0002 cm in size.

Read more here: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/sep/19/microplastics-can-spread-via-flying-insects-research-shows

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