Massive tropical reforestation project underway in Brazilian Amazon, hopes to plant 73 million trees | GBRI

Climate change is warming our Earth like never before. Among the major factors that contribute to global warming is rapid deforestation of our rainforests. Now a new project led by Conservation International is attempting to reverse deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon by planting 73 million trees covering around 70,000 acres of land.

If all goes according to plan over the next six years, this project might become the largest tropical reforestation project in history. It should be noted that in the past 40 years, about 20% of the Amazon has been cut down or destroyed, and scientists worry that another 20% of the rainforest will be lost in the next couple of decades.

“If the world is to hit the 1.2°C or 2°C [degrees of warming] target that we all agreed to in Paris, then protecting tropical forests in particular has to be a big part of that,” M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International said. “It’s not just the trees that matter, but what kind of trees. If you’re really thinking about getting carbon dioxide out of atmosphere, then tropical forests are the ones that end up mattering the most.”

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