Lawsuit filed against U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for planning to kill mountain lions and black bears | GBRI

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service devised a plan to artificially increase the mule deer population in the Piceance Basin and Upper Arkansas River areas of Colorado – kill the mountain lions and black bears who prey on them. Needless to say, this plan faced vehement opposition from general public as well as environmentalists.

Yet, the plans got approved. Now three conservation and animal-protection organizations have sued the body for failing to adequately analyze the impacts of these lethal predator-control experiments under the National Environmental Policy Act.

“It’s appalling that the Fish and Wildlife Service bankrolled this killing without bothering to truly examine the environmental risks,” said Andrea Santarsiere, a senior attorney at the Center for Biological Diversity. “Reckless oil and gas drilling has destroyed mule deer habitat, and outdated predator-control techniques can’t fix that. Slaughtering bears and mountain lions will only further damage these ecosystems.”

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