` Kenya joins the league of countries banning plastic bags | GBRI

Kenya is the latest African country to ban the manufacture and import of all plastic bags used for commercial and household packaging. This ban comes after the launch of ‘Clean Seas Initiative’ by the UN, which has already inspired 10 governments to address plastic pollution.

In the words of Environment Cabinet Secretary Judi Wakhungu, “The ministry has banned the use, manufacture and importation of all plastic bags used for commercial and household packaging.”

Kenya’s ban, which begins in September, will require sweeping changes to business as usual. Supermarket shoppers, for example, use about 100 million plastic bags annually. Local entrepreneurs are already preparing to sell sustainable alternatives.

“Kenya should be commended for its environmental leadership,” said Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment. “It’s a great example that I hope will inspire others, and help drive further commitments to the Clean Seas campaign.”

Read full news here: http://www.ecowatch.com/kenya-bans-plastic-bags-2316784184.html

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