Jose Cuervo makes drinking straws out of agave fiber | GBRI

Drinking straw made from upcycled agave fiber

Did you know that the tequila industry generates around 1 million tons of spent agave fibers annually? These fibers are usually treated as agricultural waste, but now famous tequila maker Jose Cuervo is using agave fiber to make drinking straws. The company previously used the fiber from its production processes to manufacture surfboards, guitars, and car parts.

Jose Cuervo collaborated with scientists at BioSolutions Mexico and the production team at Penka to create drinking straws from the fiber.

The new straws replace around one third of the polymers used in traditional straw production, Jose Cuervo says. These agave bio-based ones take within one to five years to decompose in landfill conditions, which is 200 times faster than regular plastic straws.

“The agave-based straws feature a mouthfeel and texture similar to traditional plastic straws, with the agave fibers visibly creating a natural, organic tan color,” according to Jose Cuervo.

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