Italy’s stunning Capri island bans all single use plastics | GBRI

Capri Italy

After a recent report revealed that water separating the stunning Italian island of Capri from the mainland contained four times more plastic litter as compared to other marine areas around Italy, the local government was quick to pass a new ruling banning all kinds of single-use plastics on the island. They can neither be sold by local shopkeepers, nor brought onto the island by visitors.

Mayor Gianni de Martino said, “We have a very big problem and we have to contribute (to finding a solution). We all have heard about the famous plastic island which exists in the sea… [This new rule will reduce] the pollution problem, improve the selective collection of residue and obviously contribute to taking care of the environment.”

Furthermore, a new regulation has been approved that allows fishermen to collect plastic waste that gets caught in their nets. Previously, “they were forced to dispose of it in order to avoid the charge of illegally transporting residues on land.”

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