In the wake of recent natural disasters, an increasing number of Americans are worried about climate change | GBRI

This year, Americans braved destructive hurricanes, scorching heat waves and devastating wildfires. People witnessed firsthand what consequences of climate change are and how it is impacting the life of a common man.

According to a new survey, a record 22% of Americans are very worried about it (double the number in the March 2015 survey), and 63% are at least somewhat worried about climate change. That’s probably because they perceive direct climate impacts – 64% of survey participants think that global warming is affecting the weather, and 33% said it’s having a big influence.

Overall, 42% of those surveyed believe that Americans are being harmed by global warming right now – an increase of 10% from the response in March 2015, and a record high in the survey that began in 2008. It’s difficult to deny global warming when its effects are punching us in the face.

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