In Taiwan, McDonald’s will stop using plastic straws by June | GBRI

plastic straws with McDonald's cups

McDonald’s, Taiwan announced last week that by June 2019, it is going to ban plastic straws from all of its outlets as a means to cut down on plastic waste. The fast food giant is currently promoting a campaign called “drink cold drinks directly”, under which it is encouraging customers to ditch the straws. The company will provide paper straws to people with special needs and children.

Vice President of Supply Chain Management at McDonald’s in Taiwan, Lin Li-wen, told Taiwan News that he estimated the phasing out of straws will reduce plastic waste by 16%.

A flurry of plastic straw ban announcements came out several months ago. Corporations including McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Live Nation said they would ditch plastic straws. McDonald’s chains worldwide plan to switch to paper straws or ban altogether, while Starbucks introduced a recyclable plastic lid for iced drinks. Live Nation banned plastic straws from House of Blues locations in the US and will offer paper ones upon request only.

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