In India, lack of awareness a major reason why green buildings are not being adopted at a mass scale | GBRI

Green building

India is a booming economy, yet the concept of green buildings is not as popular in the country as it should be, even though their cost of construction is at the most 5% higher than that of conventional buildings. Experts believe that the reason behind this is lack of awareness.

Anand Mishra, chairman of CII-Rajasthan, says while the cost is marginally higher, the impression that green buildings are expensive and unaffordable for a large segment of buyers has been a big hurdle in their adoption on a mass scale.

It should be noted that even though a green building might cost you 5% higher than a normal one, the energy and water savings can offset the extra expense in less than five years, while giving you the added advantage of a better quality of life.

As Mishra says, “The bigger advantage is quality of life. Living in a green building certainly enhances longevity, improves productivity and has an enormous positive impact on mental health.”

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