In a first, solar panels less than a millimeter thick installed in Australia | GBRI

Printed solar technology installed at Beresfield

University of Newcastle physicist Paul Dastoor has developed revolutionary organic solar cells printed on an ultra lightweight material similar in texture to a potato chip packet, that too at a cost of less than $10 per square meter.

Dastoor has been working on the technology for more than a decade, but has now begun a 200 square-meter installation – the first commercial application of its kind in Australia and possibly the world.

“The low cost and speed at which this technology can be deployed is exciting as we need to find solutions, and quickly, to reduce demand on base-load power – a renewed concern as we approach another summer here in Australia,” he said.

Although the printed solar technology is not as efficient as the silicon-based one, and degrades much faster, Dastoor believes its low production and installation costs would make it competitive.

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