IKEA’s sustainable garden sphere that can grow food for an entire neighborhood | GBRI

Swedish furniture company IKEA has come up with a futuristic, multi-tiered spherical garden designed to grow enough food sustainably for an entire neighborhood. The company has released open source plans for the garden, titled The Growroom, with the hope that members of the public will invest their time and resources to create one in each neighborhood, if not in every person’s backyard.

The tools required to create the spherical garden include plywood, rubber hammers, metal screws and the required patience to follow the instructions comprised of 17 steps.

According to a press release, there are already plans to build Growrooms in Taipei, Taiwan; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; San Francisco and Helsinki, Finland.

Read full story here: http://www.ecowatch.com/ikea-the-growroom-2274117828.html

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