Hundreds of people in Brazil save a stranded humpback whale from beaching | GBRI

A few days ago, a young humpback whale was stranded on the beach of Praia Rasa in Buzios, Brazil. Hundreds of people immediately took action, dug around it and tossed water to keep the mammal alive. They spent hours trying to save the whale.

When high tide returned, the whale was at last able to leave the beach. A Buzios City Hall spokesperson said the whale found its way back to the ocean. Amateur video footage shows crowds of people standing on the beach watching the whale reenter the water.

Nobody knows with surety why do whales beach themselves. University of Aberdeen professor David Lusseau suggests that whales beach themselves because they are injured or sick, or have become disoriented. They also might behave differently if food stocks plunge, temperatures are strangely low or high, or if pollutants seep into the water.

Watch the video and read full story here:

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