Heathrow’s sustainability target: Zero Carbon, Zero Waste by 2050 | GBRI

Heathrow Airport, London has set a new sustainability target of using 100% renewable energy by April and operating a zero-carbon, zero-waste airport by 2050.

The plans include building an R&D incubator, a new carbon-neutral runway and establishing an ultra-low emission zone by 2025. The airport has invested an initial £500,000 in the R&D incubator to minimize aviation’s impacts like noise and carbon emissions. By the end of the year, airport officials say they will identify additional funding sources so that the incubator opens its doors in 2019.

However, critics are of the view that the new runway will destroy the country’s chances to meet its climate targets and will only add to local air pollution problems.

Read full news here: https://www.environmentalleader.com/2017/02/heathrow-airport-targets-zero-carbon-zero-waste-2050/

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