Gold miners kill 10 members of ‘lost’ Amazon tribe in cold blood | GBRI

In a shocking incident, 10 Amazon tribe members were massacred by gold miners in cold blood. The murderers even boasted about the killings in a bar later on. The incident reportedly took place last month in the Javari Valley, Brazil’s second-biggest indigenous reserve.

“It was crude bar talk,” said Leila Silvia Burger Sotto-Maior, of the Brazilian agency on indigenous affairs. “They even bragged about cutting up the bodies and throwing them in the river.” The miners, she said, claimed that “they had to kill them or be killed.”

Survival International, an indigenous rights group, warned that given the small sizes of the tribes, this latest episode could mean that a significant percentage of a remote ethnic group was wiped out. “If the investigation confirms the reports, it will be yet another genocidal massacre resulting directly from the Brazilian government’s failure to protect isolated tribes,” said Sarah Shenker, a senior campaigner with the rights group.

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