Germany sets a new green energy record: Generates 35% power from renewables in the first half of 2017 | GBRI

Germany has slowly been shifting to renewable power in the past few years and the new record of generating 35% power from renewable sources in the first six months of 2017 further shows the country’s commitment towards clean energy.

Germany is aiming to phase out its nuclear power plants by 2022. Its renewable energy has been rising steadily over the last two decades thanks in part to the Renewable Energy Act (EEG) which was reformed this year to cut renewable energy costs for consumers.

The government has pledged to move to a de-carbonised economy by the middle of the century and has set a target of 80% renewables for gross power consumption by 2050. The country has been getting up to 85% of its electricity from renewable sources on certain sunny, windy days this year.

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