France to limit import of palm oil and beef to tackle global deforestation | GBRI


It is a known fact that palm oil industry is linked to massive deforestation, especially in Indonesia and Malaysia, causing climate change, habitat destruction and pushing many species to extinction. Now France has decided to tackle this issue by limiting the import of palm oil.

The new plan, a joint effort from five French ministries, identifies not just palm oil, but also soybean and beef products, cocoa, rubber, wood and its derivatives as contributing the most to “imported deforestation”—meaning these products are directly or indirectly tied to forest degradation. The country therefore plans to curb their imports.

“European countries bear an important responsibility, since a third of this deforestation is due to the consumption of agricultural products by the countries of the European Union,” the statement issued by the ministries says.

They proposed 17 measures aimed at ending deforestation caused by the import of unsustainable products by 2030.

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