France just passed a law banning fracking and oil extraction | GBRI

France just became the first country in the world to announce a complete ban on production of oil and gas by 2040. The move is being viewed as a symbolic gesture that has put the country at the forefront of climate leadership.

On Tuesday, the French National Assembly voted to immediately ban any new licences for oil and gas exploration, and to cease all oil and gas extraction in mainland France and all its territories by 2040.

“Very proud that France has become the first country in the world today to ban any new oil exploration licences with immediate effect and all oil extraction by 2040,” French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted. He included the not-so-subtle #MakeOurPlanetGreatAgain hashtag – it’s the title of France’s official climate plan that echoes US President Trump’s often-repeated campaign slogan to ‘Make America great again’.

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