France all set to ban fossil fuel production by 2040 | GBRI

In a move that the country hopes would inspire other nations to give up dependence on fossil fuels, France just announced that it plans to ban all oil and gas production on its land by 2040. Under a draft law approved by cabinet, no new permits will be granted to extract gas or oil and no existing licences will be renewed beyond 2040, when all production in mainland France and its overseas territories will stop.

It should be noted that France extracts only about 815,000 tonnes of oil per year – an amount produced in a few hours by Saudi Arabia. It imports about 99% of its oil and gas needs. The country also plans to stop the sale of diesel and petrol engine cars by 2040.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants France to take the lead as a major world economy switching away from fossil fuels – and the nuclear industry – into renewable sources.

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