EPA : Vehicular CO2 emissions have reached a record low | GBRI

Air Pollution

A new report released by the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed that for all the new vehicles released in 2017, carbon dioxide emissions reached a record low, and mileage per gallon reached an all time high. The EPA’s data also acknowledged that both fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions had improved significantly since tougher standards were put in place in 2012.

This heartening bit of news has led many environmentalists to question the EPA’s proposal to roll back Obama-era fuel economy standards when they clearly seem to be working.

“The EPA’s report demonstrates that standards are working to bring us cleaner, more efficient cars,” Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Clean Vehicles and Fuels Group Director Luke Tonachel wrote. “There’s no reason to turn back. The Trump administration’s plan to rollback the standards will cost Americans more at the pump and make us all suffer from increased vehicle pollution. We should keep the current strong standards and look forward to more positive progress reports in the future.”

Read more here: https://www.ecowatch.com/epa-vehicle-emissions-2630936560.html

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