Drinking water in US contaminated with two toxic chemicals that the Trump EPA refuses to regulate | GBRI

drinking water

According to sources, the Trump-era EPA has no plans to regulate two toxic chemicals – PFOA and PFOS – under the Safe Drinking Water Act, even though the said chemicals have been linked to kidney and testicular cancer and are contaminating drinking water in the US.

The chemicals have been used for decades in products such as Teflon-coated cookware and military firefighting foam, and are present in the bloodstreams of an estimated 98 percent of Americans.

That means, given that they have “contaminated groundwater near hundreds of military bases and chemical plants,” any intensive regulation of them would force companies such as 3M as well as the Defense Department to spend billions of dollars on cleanup efforts – something that the Trump administration isn’t too keen on doing.

“If these sources are right, the EPA is essentially telling the more than 110 million Americans whose water is likely contaminated with PFAS: ‘Drink up, folks,'” warned Environmental Working Group senior scientist David Andrews, Ph.D. “The most efficient and equitable way to remove these chemicals from the nation’s drinking water supply is to use the agency’s authority to set legal limits.”

Read more here: https://www.ecowatch.com/drinking-water-trump-epa-chemicals-2627509683.html

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