‘Coral IVF’ treatment gives hope for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef | GBRI

Coral Reefs

Frequent coral bleaching events in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef due to rising sea temperatures have worried environmentalists and scientists across the globe. Thankfully, a recent trial of ‘coral IVF’ treatment to heal parts of the reef damaged due to bleaching is giving hope to scientists.

“There’s a very clear outcome, the higher the numbers of larvae that you put into the reef system, the more coral recruits you get,” said lead scientist Peter Harrison, a professor at Southern Cross University in Australia. “The pilot studies at small scales are giving us hope that we will be able to scale this up to much larger reef scales.”

A recent trip to the reef confirmed that millions of coral larvae Harrison’s team laid at Heron Island and One Tree Island 18 months ago managed to “significantly increase” the numbers of baby coral.

Read full news here: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/great-barrier-reef-coral-ivf-treatment/

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