Commendable project to send 100 solar trailers to storm battered Puerto Rico for free | GBRI

Puerto Rico is still recovering from the devastation that recent Category 4 hurricane unleashed on the island. It might take another few weeks until power gets fully restored. Meanwhile, almost half of the U.S. citizens living in Puerto Rico are entering their third month without electricity.

However, a new project named “Power on Puerto Rico” is sending 100 off-grid Solar Outreach Systems (SOS) to the island. These 12-foot-long trailers each come with six foldable solar panels and can charge cellphones, lights, radios, laptops and other other low-load items.

It should be noted that the off-grid systems will be loaned at no cost to the communities for as long as they need them. Once they are no longer needed, the units will be redeployed to other areas as needs and events dictate.

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