Coca Cola’s new environment-friendly initiative : Collect & recycle same number of bottles it sells | GBRI

World-renowned beverage giant Coca Cola has come up with a new ambitious initiative – World Without Waste – to tackle the problem of the huge amount of plastic waste its bottles generate. The company plans to collect and recycle the same number of plastic bottles/cans that it sells globally by 2030, even if all of them aren’t theirs.

“We believe in the circular economy, where plastic, glass, and aluminum are reused many times instead of being used once and thrown away,” said Coca-Cola president and CEO James Quincey.

The company, which has been criticized by environmentalists for producing billions of plastic bottles that head to landfills and waterways, adopted a broad approach to addressing waste. “Coca-Cola, rather than taking on the difficult task of recollecting all of its own bottles, aims to collect an amount of bottles equivalent to what it produces,” the Wall Street Journal’s Cara Lombardo reported.

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