Climate change protesters block roads around London Fashion Week venues | GBRI

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, after oil and gas extraction. And it is just not doing enough to minimize the havoc it wreaks on the environment. To urge the fashion industry to declare a climate emergency, environmental action group Extinction Rebellion decided to disrupt one of the major fashion events of the year by blocking roads around the venues of the London Fashion Week.

On a day when some of the biggest names in British fashion were showing their Fall 2019 collections in London, protesters were chanting, “There’s no fashion on a dead planet.” During Victoria Beckham’s show at Tate Britain on Sunday morning, they blocked Mercedes-Benz-sponsored cars, dressed in grass coats, and carried signs that read “Ethical is always on trend,” among other pointed slogans.

”Everybody needs clothes, but we don’t need as many clothes as we make today,” says Clare Farrell, an Extinction founding member and environmentalist who helped lead the LFW actions on Sunday. “The reason why we’re going to the fashion industry is because it is one of the most polluting on earth. It is using a vast quantity of the carbon budget that we have left to produce products that we don’t need.”

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