Climate change induced floods might force people to move to new areas | GBRI

climate change induced floods

According to a Met Office report, climate change is likely to cause much wetter winters and hotter summers (as much as 5 degree Celsius) in Britain. This has led the government to issue a warning that people may have to be moved away from high-risk areas as the instances of flash flooding would be on the rise due to increased precipitation.

Announcing the biggest review of climate change in Britain for nearly a decade, the environment secretary, Michael Gove, said flooding was one of the key ways in which changes would become manifest in the UK.

“It will not always be possible to prevent every flood,” he told an audience of Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) stakeholders. “We cannot build defenses to protect every single building or reinforce every retreating coastline. We will be looking at ways we can encourage every local area to strive for greater overall resilience that takes into account all the different levers from land-use planning to better water storage upstream, and tackles both flood prevention and response.”

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