Climate change could cause volcanic eruptions around the world | GBRI

At the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, a presentation made by a PhD student Gioachino Roberti at the University of Clermont Auvergne revealed that besides rising sea levels, climate change could also be responsible for triggering volcanic eruptions across the globe.

Volcanic eruptions alter the climate by spewing smoke and ash into the atmosphere, but scientists now also think the opposite might be true – changes in climate could actually cause volcanic eruptions.

As the climate becomes warmer, ice melting from these mountains removes support from their slopes, potentially leading to landslides and collapse.

“Imagine the ice like some sort of protective layer – when the ice melts away, the mountain is free to collapse,” said Mr Roberti. “If your mountain is a volcano you have another problem. Volcanoes are a pressurized system and if you remove pressure by ice melting and landslide, you have a problem.”

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