Climate activists stage sit-in at NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office demanding rejection of fossil fuel money | GBRI

Climate activists at Gov. Cuomo's office

Dozens of young climate activists from New York staged a sit-in at the office of Governor Andrew Cuomo demanding that he reject ‘fossil fuel money’ and instead prioritize the health of the citizens and climate.

“We’re here fighting for the people that we love and the places we call home,” said one of the activists with the Sunrise Movement, the youth-led group behind the action.

“We’ll send a message loud and clear” to politicians, says a call-to-action, “take a stand and drop Big Oil, or we’ll replace you with someone who will.”

The message was also sent to California Gov. Jerry Brown, whose office was the target of a 7-hour sit-in by nearly three dozen people on Tuesday.

Sunrise Movement organizer Morissa Zuckerman said in a tweet : “real climate leaders don’t accept millions of $$ from fossil fuel CEOs. They don’t approve 20,000 new oil and gas wells. They don’t allow CA to be the 6th largest oil producing state. This is #BrownsLastChance to act.”

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