California restaurants might add an optional 1% climate change surcharge to your bill | GBRI


A new initiative called The Restore California Renewable Restaurant program asks its participating restaurants to add a 1 percent surcharge to each customer’s bill. This surcharge is supposed to go to a public fund that will help farmers adopt sustainable farming practices and reduce carbon emissions.

It would still be optional for customers, but if all diners at a certain eatery pay it, the haul would be more than enough to make the establishment carbon neutral, Anthony Myint, an organizer of the initiative, told CNN.

Myint is a restauranteur who started a non-profit that’s behind the program. “In the restaurant industry, fighting climate change isn’t about what ingredients chefs use. It’s how they’re produced,” he says.

And that means contributing to farms that are producing food in ways that don’t add more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

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