Budweiser is switching its entire US brewing to renewables | GBRI

Budweiser might have fallen from the top slot as America’s favorite beer, but the company is right up there as far as commitment to renewables is concerned. The beer manufacturer has announced that it will switch all of its US beer brewing to renewable electricity and is even launching a new label this spring that indicates that Bud is brewed with 100% renewables.

The move is line with parent company and world’s largest beer manufacturer AB InBev’s announcement last March to shift from fossil fuels by 2025 by obtaining all of its purchased electricity for brewing from renewables.

Forty-one million Budweisers are sold on average every day around the world. The switch to renewable electricity in Budweiser brewing operations will be the equivalent of taking 48,000 cars off the road every year, the company said.

Read full news here: https://www.ecowatch.com/budweiser-renewable-energy-2528314789.html

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