Around 600 migratory birds are killed every year, thanks to American skyscrapers | GBRI

A research conducted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology has found that American skyscrapers kill almost 600 million migratory birds annually. Tall buildings in three American cities – Chicago, Houston and Dallas – particularly prove to be deadly for the birds.

The researchers cite artificial light at night as a contributing factor to heightened mortality numbers given almost one-half of the contiguous U.S. experiences substantial light-pollution during nighttime, including streetlights, safety lights and extensively lit buildings.

These findings are especially troubling during migratory seasons in spring and fall, when billions of birds fly across the nation as they travel between North and South America. The birds normally depend on natural light from the moon, sun and stars to navigate.

And it’s not just birds, either. Insects and bats can be negatively impacted as well.

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