An ultra-thin film that may act as air conditioner for buildings! | GBRI

Scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder have come up with a thin, artificially structured ‘metamaterial’ that can cool objects against the heat of the sun without the use of water or energy.

This thin film uses a technique called ‘passive cooling’  by dissipating the sun’s thermal energy in the form of infrared radiation and keeping objects cool in the process. The thickness of the film is 50 micrometers, which is just slightly more than the aluminum foil that we use in our kitchens. The best part is that it can be manufactured easily and cheaply for large-scale residential and commercial applications.

Xiaobo Yin, an assistant professor at the University said, “We feel that this low-cost manufacturing process will be transformative for real-world applications of this radiative cooling technology. Just by applying this material to the surface of a solar panel, we can cool the panel and recover an additional one to two percent of solar efficiency.”

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