Amazon cuts same-day shipping time, reduces emissions in the process | GBRI

Amazon parcel delivery

Amazon has expanded its network of mini-fulfillment centers in certain cities that have been built specifically to be even more closer to the customers. This is helping the company reduce its same-day shipping time for Prime members, and it will also help it reduce its carbon emissions.

Amazon Prime members in Orlando, Dallas, Philadelphia and Phoenix will now receive their same-day deliveries even faster, “from click to doorstep in just a few hours,” the company wrote in its blog. Up to three million items, marked “Today by,” can be ordered for same-day shipping throughout the day.

“While it may seem counterintuitive, the faster delivery speeds enabled by these facilities actually help us lower carbon emissions in line with our climate pledge to be net zero carbon by 2040,” the company wrote. “This is because these new facilities are in close proximity to customers, reducing the need for aircraft transport and generally decreasing the distance drivers have to travel to deliver packages to our customers.”

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