Adidas and Allbirds unite to develop a sports shoe with the “lowest carbon emissions” | GBRI

Dasher shoe developed by Allbirds

According to a 2018 Quantis report, the footwear industry emits 700 million metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. Adidas is making an attempt to change that statistic by partnering with the sustainable shoe start-up Allbirds to develop “a sports-performance shoe with the lowest carbon emissions.”

Allbirds, which started in 2014, is a certified B Corp that uses natural materials such as eucalyptus tree fiber, Merino wool, recycled plastic bottles, and castor bean oil to produce their shoes. The packaging is made from 90% recycled cardboard.

The start-up says that the average footprint of their products is 7.6 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent, a measurement that takes into account the wool part, materials, manufacturing, use, and end-of-life.

Adidas and Allbirds say they want to get that number down to zero.

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