` A modular garden that self-drives to receive the required sunlight! | GBRI

Just like the modern self-driving cars, we now have a self-driving garden that is capable of moving around the city in search of sunlight.

Named Hortum machina, B, this nomadic, self-driving and self-cultivating garden has been designed by University College London’s students William Victor Camilleri and Danilo Sampaio under the supervision of the Interactive Architecture Lab’s director Ruairi Glynn.

Encased in a large geodesic sphere, the modular garden is wrapped around a robotic aluminum core that monitors the plants’ responses to the environment and is able to propel the structure towards sunlight to best satisfy the garden’s needs.  For example, if the plants at the bottom of the sphere lack direct light, the individual panels begin to shift until those plants are sufficiently lit.

The robotic core can also move the sphere to a new location if the garden requires shade or if the air pollution levels are unhealthy.

Read full story here: http://inhabitat.com/autonomous-robotic-garden-can-drive-itself-around-the-city-in-search-of-sun/


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