A baby dolphin dies after people take it out of water to pose for selfies | GBRI

Once again, it has been proved that humans are the most heartless and irrational beings on this planet. Last Friday, beachgoers spotted a baby dolphin stranded on a beach in southern Spain. Now instead of calling for help, people took the poor little mammal out of water and started clicking pictures with it.

A concerned beachgoer eventually called for emergency services, but the dolphin died before rescuers got to the scene. This incidence shows how human beings lack basic empathy, even for a harmless wild creature that is visibly suffering from stress after being stranded.

Neil D’Cruze, World Animal Protection’s senior wildlife advisor said in a statement: “While traveling, tourists must remember that their once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity with a wild animal can mean horrific suffering—and in this case, a tragic death for this poor animal.”

Read full news here: https://www.ecowatch.com/dolphin-dies-selfies-2474064605.html

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