This Dutch company is giving the textile industry a sustainable makeover | GBRI

We all know that the fashion industry is far from sustainable. Right from its massive water consumption to being the second largest polluter in the world, it is notorious for wreaking havoc on our environment.

Recently, it was reported that it takes anywhere from 25 to 40 gallons water to dye just 2 pounds of fabric. Collectively, the textile industry uses almost 25 trillion gallons of water every year!

Thankfully, a Dutch company, DyeCoo, is giving the clothing companies a sustainable new makeover rather than allowing them to continue wasting trillions of gallons of water annually.

DyeCoo uses a machine that dyes fabrics with pressurized CO2, which allows dyes to quickly dissolve and penetrate the textile – all without the use of water or chemicals.

Each machine is estimated to save up to 8.4 million gallons (32 million liters) of water, roughly 176 tons of processing chemicals, and untold amounts of energy every year.

Additionally, since the machine uses a closed loop system, 95% of their CO2 can be cleaned and recycled after each dye cycle.

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