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Nandana is a civil engineer working in Urban Planning & Urban Reform sector at AMRUT – Kochi Municipal Corporation. Her knowledge of the urban spatial structure and the ability to analyze demographic information makes her forge in this position. She interned as a site engineer at Cochin shipyard Limited, which provided her with observation skills. Her leadership skills and team working helped her land as the Head core member of the Civil Engineering Association, SCMS School of engineering and technology where she hosted a workshop on Mud and Bamboo Construction. She is also an active volunteer at Koottu Charitable organization; a project to help visually impaired students who largely depend upon audio notes rather than Braille. She is the core member of the Buddy Project (an anti-bullying NGO), her service mindset and commitment have helped the organization to come up with various programs. She won 1 st runner-up position in 5 th  University challenge at IFAT India by DWA Germany, Indus University & ISWA. With her proficiency in analytical thinking and having a keen vision in bringing up sustainable practices for urban planning in her city, she did her final year thesis on Microplastic pollution, which was recognized and funded by Environment & Climate Change Department, Government of Kerala. Apart from these professional skills, she also has a creative niche where she bakes and paints. She envisions learning and developing a sustainable and equitable world for the future.

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