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Living Sustainably: 5 Ways To Go Green

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Living Sustainably: 5 ways to go green

Living is not a choice, but “living sustainably” is. Every decision you make, small or big, has a significant impact on the future. Never forget that we’re co-existing in a space where our actions do not just affect us, but every living organism around us. The fruits might take some time to reap, but the results would be sweet. For decades we’ve been guilty of living carefree, but now it’s time to pull up our socks and alter our actions. So, how to start? To start living sustainably, you first have to realize the need to do so. Retrospection is the key. This will help you to understand the problem our planet is facing, how human actions are causing the disastrous consequences our Earth is facing now, and how we, as responsible humans, can help.

Now, that you understand the need to live sustainably, let’s dive into some ideas on how you can incorporate this ideology into your day-to-day life. The ideas are simple, I promise! Check it out:

1. #SayNoToPlastic

say no to plastic

Easier said than done,” you’d say, right? For years, plastic has been an essential product in our lives and has been used extensively. So extensively that now it is hazardous for the environment in the worst imaginable ways! Just like a plastic bag can choke you to death, it is doing the same to our beloved planet.

Here’s how you can take small steps towards reducing and/or eliminating plastic in your life:

  1. Avoid using plastic for packaging or as bags. Use paper bags instead and try to reuse them.
  2. Do not shop for products that are packed in plastic.
  3. Try using glass or steel containers instead of plastic containers.
  4. Recycle your plastic waste. We often tend to ignore small details that end up making up the biggest part of the loss. Before throwing away plastic waste, check which container to throw it in.
  5. Buy consciously. Understand the product before you buy. Research it and find out if there’s a plastic-free alternative to it.
  6. Educate and spread awareness. Along with practicing these small tips, educate yourself on the topic, engage as much as you can, and spread the word around you. Even if one person is motivated by you, imagine what impact it can have on the entire planet.

2. Chant The Mantra: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Living Sustainably: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

If you chant this mantra, you’ll see visible results. No, this is not sarcasm, it is a tried and tested formula. Let’s go over this mantra step-by-step. First, you’re supposed to “reduce”. Just because it is available, doesn’t mean you have to buy/use it. Think before acting-do you need it? Can you do without it? If the answer is a no, you know what to do. Second, you’re supposed to “reuse”. Now that you have it, don’t discard it because you’re done using it. Find ways to use it again. Third, you’re supposed to “recycle”. Congratulations, you’re at the last step! Once done reusing it to its limit, it is time to bid it farewell, BUT, make sure you choose the right way to discard the item(s).

3. Save Water: Conserving This Precious Resource

Save Water

Found in abundance, yet so little to consume. Well, that’s the irony! We live on a planet that mostly consists of water, yet we cannot consume all of it. Can you imagine a day without water? That’s impossible. Water is one resource we all need to survive, yet not everyone has access to it, in the same manner, some of us do. But is it possible for everyone to have access to clean drinking water? Maybe, if we ALL try to utilize it in a sane manner and conserve it as much as we can. Start with small steps: close the tap while brushing, use a bucket instead of a shower, change the way you water your plants, try rainwater harvesting, if you can, and don’t use a running tap to wash fruits and vegetables (use a bowl instead). 

4. Say No To Products Made From Animals

Say No To Products Made From Animals

Why did I mention just animals and not endangered species? That’s because any species can become endangered if not taken care of. We’ve already made the mistake of harming a few species, let’s not add more to it. Before you buy, make sure it is not made of animal skin. Yes, these products look luxurious and exotic, but is it worth it? How would YOU feel if somebody peeled off your skin to make a nice expensive handbag? Let’s empathize and strictly say no to such products or even food items. Because let’s face it, human needs and greed are neverending, but why should these innocent animals pay the price? Also, this will discourage the people who are into illegal activities. And when I say this, I also mean try to consume less meat. Excess of anything is not good for you or the environment. Do you agree?

5. Let’s Go Green!

Living Sustainably: Here's how you can go green (5 easy ways)

If you make this an agenda in your life, you will be able to transform yourself, your community, and ultimately the planet. Instead of using your car every day, try using public transport, carpools, walking, or bicycle rides. If you’re lucky enough to own a car, be responsible enough to get it serviced time and again. Now coming to your home, try to have a source of sunlight to reduce the use of artificial lights, switch to energy-saving lightbulbs, turn off appliances when not in use, try following a minimal lifestyle, and so on. 

What are your ways of living sustainably? Comment below and let us know!


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