GBRI's courses qualify for LEED CE & AIA LUs

Many may satisfy other professional organizations’ requirements as well.

GBRI’s continuing education series aims to help you stay competitive by arming you with the basic tools, techniques and knowledge you need, while fulfilling your CE requirements.  We are excited to present our 2017-2018 sustainability, green building, LEED, AIA and wellness course series that covers a wide variety of topics that one may not always acquire through a course catalog.

From LEED v4, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Biophilia, Public transportation, AIA green building case studies to Corporate Sustainability Reporting (CSR), WELL Building Standard and Olympics, this course series has something for everyone. Satisfy your learning appetite and earn all of your LEED and AIA Continuing Education (CE) units in one place without breaking the bank. Professionals may enjoy the courses live online, or watch them on-demand, or read them as articles (as some courses are offered in article format). All courses are approved by USGBC GBCI and AIA for CE.

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Live Webinars

Top Rated Courses

icon4LEED Green Associate (GA) is the first step in establishing yourself as a serious green building professional whether you’re a student, recent graduate or a professional.

icon5LEED AP Building Design + Construction (BD+C) suits professionals with expertise in the design and construction phases of green buildings, serving the commercial, residential, education and healthcare sectors.

icon3LEED AP Operations + Maintenance (O+M) suits professionals implementing sustainable practices, improving performance, heightening efficiency and reducing environmental impact in existing buildings through enhanced operations and maintenance.

icon2LEED AP Interior Design + Construction (ID+C) serves participants in the design, construction and improvement of commercial interiors and tenant spaces that offer a healthy, sustainable and productive work environment.

icon6LEED AP Neighborhood Development (ND) applies to individuals participating in the planning, design and development of walkable, neighborhoods and communities.

What is the advantage of USGBC and AIA-approved education?

All our courses have been reviewed by USGBC and AIA to guarantee that the information presented is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant for green building industry professionals. Only approved courses can be automatically reported for you to AIA and USGBC. In addition approved courses are also exempt from audits when you renew your credential.

Can I earn all of my hours though GBRI?

Yes! You may earn all 15 (for Green Associates) or 30 (for LEED APs) CE hours through GBRI’s approved education courses. We have a variety of courses (more than 250 CE hours) and package options to suit your individual needs,interests, and career path.

Do I need both live and on-demand courses?

No. Live, on-demand courses and articles carry equal weight for GBCI credential maintenance, and you do not need to complete all types to maintain your LEED credential. Some other professional accreditations may require live course participation, please check with the organizations which you are a member of for their specific requirements.

Do you auto-report hours to AIA and GBCI?

All our courses (live and on-demand) including the articles within the LEED CE book qualify for auto-reporting which means we can report your hours to GBCI and AIA on your behalf. We would need your GBCI and AIA credential details to do that.

Do I need LEED project participation hours for my LEED Credential Maintenance ?

No. While you may use project participation hours to maintain your LEED credential, you are not required to earn any hours through project participation. GBRI’s v3 and v4 LEED Project Experience Program provides you hands-on experience on an USGBC LEED Project along with an opportunity to earn up to 10 CE Hours

So how does GBRI's CE work?

Choose your package (GA, BD+C, ID+C, O+M, ND or Homes) or choose an unlimited access subscription with access to all of the courses that you find most interesting. After registration, you will be sent a username and password for our on-demand site. This will allow you to access your personalized course curriculum anytime, at your convenience. For live webinars, you will be sent a login/ reminder 1 week in advance, and again the day before. Once you have completed a course, we will auto-report your hours for you with USGBC and AIA.

More Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have more questions related to our project experience program.