Bill Root


Bill Root, PE, president of GWR Engineering, is an Professional mechanical consulting engineer with 26 years’ experience in design and commissioning of High Performance building energy systems. He has designed and commissioned over 16 large biomass systems and over 1 million SF of LEED and CHPS projects in VT, NH & ME. He was the first mechanical engineer in VT to be LEED Accredited and the only ASHRAE High-Performance Building Design Certified Professional. He has received numerous awards for energy efficiency design and presented multiple session on high performance and renewable energy systems and Cx. He was involved with the initial Commercial Building Energy Code development for Vermont and more recently with a Taskforce to develop efforts towards an integrated and comprehensive whole-building approach to thermal energy efficiency. He developed a NET ZERO plan for his 3800 sf home/office and was able to successfully implement that plan in 3 years

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