` Temples Of Humankind

Temples Of Humankind

Have you heard about Damanhur community?

Located in Italy, in the apline foothills north of Piedmont, between Turin and Aosta, lies a community of 600 people.

The Federation is called Damanhur, a multilingual community of 600 people. It enthrals visitors from around the world.

1. It has its own written constitution: which dictates the principles of social and spiritual experience. Apart from this, the community has its own culture, music, currency, art, and schools.

2. The denizens cultivate organic food and livestock and build the architecture according to green building principles. Also, they have founded companies in the renewable energy, eco-clothing, and food production spheres.

3. The people prefer natural healing methods for wellness instead of scientific methods as it has a lesser impact on the environment.

4. The community follows a spiritual philosophy, which is in perfect harmony with the planet.

The place has also attracted educators, researchers, and scholars from the various fields of art, social sciences, medicine, spirituality.



Woah! But when was the community founded?

A leader named Oberto Airaudi, along with his 25 followers, founded the Federation of Damanhur. He began excavation in the year 1978, without the permission of the government.

Oberto had one principle: To found a community based upon ethical and spiritual values. And it turned out to be successful as in the year 2005, it received a recognition from the United Nation’s Global Forum on Human Settlements, for attaining acclaim for sustainable society


Besides all this, Damanhur has one sole attraction: The Temples of Humankind, a collection of temples below the Earth.

The temples are divine. They are decorated with mosaics, stained glass, sculptures, wall paintings and other works of art and is said to awaken the divine spirit in every human being.

Have a look at the video uploaded by Amuse.


Source: Storypick.


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