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LEED Professionals Demand

Companies Wake Up to Sustainability

A rising tide of sustainable minded companies drives an increasing demand for LEED professionals. More fortune 500 companies begin the journey towards sustainability practices every year. These companies require guidance from LEED accredited professionals. The companies have the desire, and require the knowledge of trained professionals. Recent market, political, and environmental forces drive desire for individuals and firms with LEED AP designation.

Why Companies need LEED Professionals

There are five major reasons larger companies begin to adopt Sustainability practices.

  1. Sustainability drives profits
  2. Positive Public Relations
  3. They inevitably must adopt sustainability
  4. Mitigating risks
  5. Companies care about the planet also

Sustainability Buoys Profits

The chief driving factor propelling the adoption of sustainability demand centers on profits. A sustainably designed building incorporating renewable energy initially costs more. Reducing operating costs increases profits. Accomplishing profits arrives from anther vital sustainability principle, reducing waste. Every organization benefits from a reduction in waste production. Each remaining piece of material involving, operation, manufacturing, production and design represents an often overlooked rise in cost.

Public Relations Swells with Sustainability

The second driving factor raising the need for designers with LEED AP revolves around public relations. Larger numbers of companies recognize the majority of the world population share concern for sustainability. The rise of ethical shopping trends promotes adoption of policies, and products positing among leadership in sustainability practice.

Feeling the Climate Pressure

Companies foresee international pressure building behind the events of the Paris Agreement and know before long they will have to adopt sustainability measure. It is no accident ExxonMobil now supports carbon tax legislation. The direction of accepting carbon tax rests on the feasibility of enacting. Most experts, including ExxonMobil agree Carbon Tax legislation inhabits the easiest and most beneficial means of regulating carbon emissions. ExxonMobil cites the pressure from being seen as opposed to climate change also drives the acceptance of carbon taxing.

Averting Risk

With climatologist expressing severe weather events will increase in frequency and severity. Climate change projects arid climates will experience longer and severe droughts, while humid climates will experience more frequent and historic floods. Disruptive runaway temperature rises if unchecked could cost the world economy upwards of $50 trillion in future decades, proclaims Citigroup.

A strong business case for sustainability rests on the ability to meet potential climate crisis.  A business will cease to make money

Companies Care

It may surprise the cynical reader, yet the majority of companies begin to care about the impact of their operations on the planet. Seeing the benefits to the community and the planet as a whole colors the actions of many forward thinking companies. As more companies become aware of the positive impact simple LEED based renovations and technologies can ensure the continued health of a company’s environment and future longevity.

Governments Champion Sustainability

Image result for united nationsThe collective global will to reduce the global climate rise below 2 degrees’ Celsius swells on the back of the UN Agreement in Paris. This agreement displays unified international strength towards tackling the risk of climate change. Not only will companies require the aid of LEED professionals. Governments also require the expertise of trained LEED practitioners.

National governments will bear responsibility for developing and implementing legislation to reach the ambitious goals of one third renewable. State and Local governments also share the task of increasing sustainability. The opportunities will only continue to grow as mandates begin to solidify into concrete guidelines.


LEED Accredited Professionals (AP) experience rising demand.

As companies begin to seek methods of sustainability, expert certified professionals will reap the rewards. The market for confirmed modern sustainability professionals displays signs of health and growth.

The numbers of companies and governments demanding LEED professionals extends to two distinct needs. Governments are more likely to hire a sustainability expert full time. A government office would require a field expert to determine, evaluate and formulate policy. Companies will generally seek consultants to formulate a plan of most cost effective means of reaching sustainability targets.

One major option for employment for LEED AP rests with design firms. Some firms devote their niche to sustainable practices. Other firms hire LEED AP to bolster the demand of the firm.

Don’t Miss the Train of Sustainability

On the heels of the UN’s historic agreement sustainability became a worldwide interest. The train of opportunity rests at the platform. The conductor asks “all aboard”. Your ticket aboard the train centers on earning a LEED GA, or LEED AP. Visit GBRI and purchase your one-way ticket into the sustainable future with the world class exam preparation classes offered.

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