` The Future of Sustainable Architecture - 30 CE Hours Series
The Future of Sustainable Architecture - 15 CE Hours Series

The Future of Sustainable Architecture Series – 30 CE Hours


Product Description

GBRI’s “Future of Sustainable Architecture” is a 2 year access course series that aims to reconnect today’s generation with our ancestral roots. We hope to implant the ideas we lost along the way while improving on them in a more localized, sustainable, futuristic and enduring manner. It is a collection of on-demand courses designed by subject matter experts, industry leaders, universities and educators to keep you up to date on the most advanced topics in the industry while looking at the future. This series includes access to 30 GBCI approved CE hours, 30 AIA approved HSW | LUs (including 6 LEED specific for Green Associate, BD+C, ID+C, O+M).


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Bigger and Better: The New LEED v4.0 – 2 CE Hours

Pushing the Envelope – 2 CE Hours

Better Late Than Never: Recharge, Renew, Rejuvenate Your Existing Building – 2 CE Hours

Chicken Soup for the Soil: Sustainable Landscapes and Stormwater Management – 3 CE Hours

Demystifying Embodied Energy – 2 CE Hours

Building Green On a Budget: A Life Cycle Approach – 2 CE Hours

EcoBalance and Biomimicry : Inspired by Nature – 2 CE Hours

BIMagination: From 3D to 5D – 2 CE Hours

GREENovation: Simulate and Enhance your Building’s IEQ – 3 CE Hours

The Legacy of Carbon Credits: A-Z – 2 CE Hours

Energy Modeling: Harnessing Technology to Go Green – 2 CE Hours

iGreen: Going Digital for the Next Generation – 2 CE Hours

Alternate Water Reuse:Flattening the Learning Curve – 1 CE Hour

Zero Waste 101 – 1 CE Hour

The Future of Architecture: Buildings That Can Think and Adapt – 2 CE Hours