` Tenant Fit-Outs and LEED ID+C

Product Description

This course is a 3-hour course that will look at tenant fit-outs, considering especially the issues associated with selecting and installing materials and finishes. The course will also discuss how to negotiate with landlords for lease terms that allow for more environmentally friendly fit-outs, and at how the location of the project can affect the environment. We will also look at how the design of a project and the materials specified can increase energy efficiency for the project and create spaces for workers that are more pleasant and healthy.


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  1. Negotiate greener lease terms
  2. Describe the environmental impacts of various project materials
  3. Describe the LEED ID+C credits that address materials selection for fit-out projects
  4. Determine the best materials for specific projects based on environmental attributes, cost, and durability
  5. Analyze example projects to determine good use of project materials