` Sustainable Neighborhoods & LEED ND
Sustainable Neighborhoods & LEED ND

Sustainable Neighborhoods & LEED ND


Product Description

This course is an in-depth look at the newest LEED rating system, LEED ND. We will discuss what neighborhood sustainability means and how you can incorporate sustainable principles into you projects. As a part of our analysis of LEED ND, we will compare it to other neighborhood rating systems around the world. We will also look at the specifics of LEED ND categories and credits.

Through this course, we hope that you will develop a valuable skill set to help you with community design projects.


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  1. Identify the features of sustainable neighborhoods, and understand why these features contribute to sustainability
  2. Outline the recent history of communities and neighborhood development, allowing you to describe the trends in neighborhood development and trace the driving factors behind these trends
  3. Develop and incorporate sustainable features into your community projects
  4. Understand the new LEED ND rating system thoroughly, including identifying its credits and comparison to other global systems