` Sustainability Around the World & LEED V3.0 Updates
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Sustainability Around the World & LEED v3 Updates


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This course looks at what’€™s happening in the world of sustainability, allowing you to stay current and be prepared to work on sustainable projects anywhere in the world. We will walk you through green building standards and regulations in eight regions across the globe, and use case studies to describe how sustainable objectives are achieved in diverse settings. We will also discuss updates to LEED version 3.


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  1. Describe sustainability as it applies to built environment around the world.
  2. Describe various green building rating systems around the world and identify similarities and differences with LEED rating system.
  3. Analyze green building incentives offered around the world and draw a comparison between what’s been offered in North America.
  4. Identify sustainability opportunities around the world.
  5. Analyze the major changes in LEED V3 from previous versions and identify new LEED rating systems.
  6. Understand and identify other green building standards in the U.S.
  7. Identify the cost of building green/LEED projects in the U.S.